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" In the heavy industry, it’s not the labour cost which creates the competitiveness but the combination of 3 factors :

The investment,
The innovation,
The technical knowledge."

In an economy in perpetual transformation, and in a time of fast technical progress, our industries have to innovate continuously. In this sense, make investments is more than a challenge for the future and appears as a security of success.

However, at NHIC we think that the investment in machine-tools mustn’t be an isolated act, nor an end in itself. It has to be integrated into a more global and ambitious industrial development policy, and with a long-term vision based on :
- The modernization of the workshops
- The improvement of performance and competitiveness
- The security
- The environment

Finally, that means a good technical knowledge, and mastery the mechanisms of supply and demand in each sector of activities.
Indeed, in front of the competition, the high technicality of machines, their reliability and their prices are not any more the only criteria capable to ensure the sustainability and the prosperity of a company. The optimization of the choice of machine-tools (conception, capacities, power, options…), the search of the best practices, the revision of the manufacturing process are the key factors which assure the fixed costs reduction.

Nowadays the industrial purchases should be productive and successful. That’s why at NHIC we don’t propose only machines but also our expertise and our know-how in machining.

Our goal : support and assist you to allow you « to invest the future ».

NHIC Mathieu Novat